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[Goalies and Skaters]


GAS Hockey is led by Coach Dillon "Goose" Caffrey and Coach Allie Lacombe. "GAS" stands for goalies and skaters: they offer position specific training for hockey players of all ages. GAS Hockey's on and off ice programming is cohesive and beneficial to both the skater and the goalie. They strive to ensure the kids are "gassed" after each session but have learned and become a better player than when they entered the doors.

Their goal ensure that no player gets overlooked. They focus on developing skills properly and efficiently, and are allow room for creativity. Goose and Allie base coaching on mutual respect between the game of hockey, the players and the coaches. They expect discipline and drive from their students but also always aim to have fun in a safe learning environment.

Allie and Goose run GAS Hockey clinics and camps primarily at the Lab. Coach Goose played up until Tier 3 Juniors in the NA3HL and Coach Allie played NCAA Division I at Syracuse and women's professional in Europe. They are both Level 4 USA Hockey Coaches, Co Lead Lab Coaches, and collectively coach 5 teams in Nashville.

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KP Hockey Training

KP Hockey is led by Coach Kyle Dora and Coach Patrick Murray. KP Hockey frequently offers clinics and camps at the Lab. KP's on-ice sessions are centered on getting in as many reps possible for their players. "We believe that repetition is key to adapting and developing movement on the ice. Our practices are run at an intense high-tempo pace and demand game-type speed and effort. We challenge our players to perform outside of their comfort zone to expand their abilities and become more confident."

The KP Training Program is designed to introduce intense hockey training to youth players in the Nashville area.  Through their participation and dedication to what they offer, they will learn the importance of hard work and dedication both on and off the ice. This will ultimately help them prepare for the next level.

Both Coach Kyle and Coach Patrick are Preds Select Travel Coaches and are Lead Lab instructors as well. Kyle played NCAA Division III at State University of New York at Canton and Patrick played at the University of New York at Canton where he played Division III Club hockey.

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